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What is a lime? Well, besides being a really sour fruit, in Trinidad & Tobago a lime is an event where you socialize and hang out. You show up at a friend's (or stranger's!) home, and relax, chat, eat some food, and just lime. It is also used as a verb, for example, "Where we liming tonight?".

Maracas Bay, Trinidad

I was born and raised in the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad. Now I am living and raising a family in sunny South Florida. 
I learned to cook from my mother, who, as a single mom of three, was pretty creative and resourceful in the kitchen. 
I married a Jamaican guy who makes me laugh every single day.
I have two little boys that make my heart melt whenever they smile. 
I sing loudly in the car to Jesus music. Now my kids are singing loudly in the car to Jesus music too.
I will eat chicken foot souse with no problem, but I will not touch a chicken liver.
I love using different spices and herbs. The more flavor, the better.
I think the best day ever would start by waking up to a cool Caribbean breeze, hearing the birds chirping, and eating freshly made bake and saltfish for breakfast.

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