Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coconut Curry with Mussels, Chickpeas & Gnocchi

So today we returned from baby class right before midday. Bugs had a good time, at 13 months old he doesn't really play with the other kiddies yet but loves to run around the gymnasium throwing the colored balls and such. The good thing about class is that it tires him out, so when we return it's straight to nap time.

So of course I was starving, there were no leftovers, so on the way home I started thinking of what ingredients I had to throw something together. My quickest protein I had was mussels, and I thought it would be nice to do a curry with them. I had a can of chickpeas in the cupboard, and green onions in the fridge. Perfect. So the pic is the finished product. I combined onions, curry, some other Indian spices - masala and geera (roasted cumin seeds), coconut milk, green onions, chickpeas, mussels and a last minute addition - some potato gnocchi! I ate it over some brown rice...delicious!


  1. That looks fantastic--my kind of dish. I love the addition of the chickpeas.