Monday, June 27, 2011

Jamaica Jamaica

So we just got back from our trip to Jamaica, and we had a great time! My hubby is Jamaican, so it's always great when he goes home and sees his family and friends. We had two weddings in one day to attend, with a 3 hour drive in between! We also celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary there! This was Bugs' first trip, and he also had a fun time (met his great-grandparents for the first time!), in spite of the unwavering daytime heat! In the days leading up to departure, I had dreaded the airport time and plane ride so much, but funnily enough that was the easiest part of the trip lol. He slept through half of the trip going and the entire trip back, and behaved quite well in the airport. Of course, it helped that I planned and packed accordingly, lots of milk, new toys, etc.

This was my third trip there, and I wanted to take a gazillion food pictures like last time, but didn't get that many this time :( Partly because I had to manage the baby a lot, partly because the food there is so good, I would dig in and be a few bites along before I remembered to take pics haha!

So here are a few pics below of delicious Jamaican food, which I like to say is ALMOST as good as Trini food! :D

Fruits on the roadside - mangos and neeseberry (called "sapodilla" in Trinidad)

Jackfruit - sweet but rubbery texture. I wasn't a fan.

The ubiquitous Jamaican patty! One of the staples of their diet.

Ackee & saltfish on the left (national dish of Jamaica). Jamaica callaloo on the right (I prefer the Trinidadian version), and I was surprised that my kid liked this one!

Ground provisions - green banana, yam, Caribbean sweet potato. Dumplings.

Stew pork - yum!
Sausage and beans, stew kidney and liver (ick!)

Sweet potato pudding
Beans and saltfish with Johnnycakes on the right.

Fried lobster - soo good!!

Stew fish with pumpkin, carrots and other veg, crackers on the side

Bammy - fried cassava. Soaked in milk before and fried, sometimes steamed.

Roasted breadfruit on the right, love breadfruit!

Famous "Ting" - Grapefruit Soda

Cherry juice - my fave :)

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  1. I had some great Jamaican food in Atlanta, but have never had it from the island--would love to travel there at some point and sample everything. Looks like fun!