Friday, September 7, 2012

I Scream for Dim Sum!

I'm back after a long hiatus, which included pregnancy and giving birth to my second child. The hubby and I have a new baby boy! Bugs is just thrilled to be a big bro and constantly gives the baby kisses.

So in an effort to restart our monthly date nights and get a bit of a break form the boys, we enlisted the help of some close friends to babysit so the hubby and I went out to eat. I chose the spot this month (as I always do haha), Chinese dim sum at Hong Kong City BBQ in Tamarac. We had never been there but I checked out some online reviews and they were pretty good, so we decided to give it a try.

The restaurant was pretty interesting, as you walk in you are greeted by a case of hanging barbecued meats, such as whole ducks and chickens. Their dim sum is actually different from what I'm used to, they don't push the carts filled with selections but cook it to order. Check out our orders below!

My handsome dinner date!

The menu

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns...yum! These are the best!

Shrimp Toast...delicious!

Stuffed Bean Curd Skin

Sticky Rice in a Lotus Leaf...I should have asked if the leaf was edible lol, did not eat it. But it did give the (very) sticky rice inside a nice flavor. There were also bits of pork and shrimp mixed into the rice. 

Beef Tripe with Ginger & Scallion Sauce...surprisingly really liked this one! Tripe is very chewy and has a weird "prickly" texture for lack of  a better word. The sauce was more like a broth and very flavorful. 

Steamed Chicken Mushroom Bun

Fried Stuff Eggplant...we could identify shrimp in the filling, topped with an oyster sauce. So good!

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  1. I saw dim sum in the title and had to click on it! And after scrolling through those pics, I am now extremely hungry for some dim-sum! Loved this one! And you and Philip, too! :P

    Keep em coming! :)